Sunday, November 21, 2010

A season of Hope.

We attended the burial of our friends first and tiny child yesterday. A little girl named Sofia Hope that only lived in this world for 30 minutes. A little girl who blessed her parents and a hand full of others in the short short time they had with her. It was a day riddled with sorrow, pain and tears.. But as the service began, the worship songs were sung, words of Hope were spoken, and the crystal clear day shone bright the tears were not Hopeless.

This is the season of Hope. Even in our sorrow and pain, there is Hope.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I try, my designs require a certain amount of it. However I never am able to attain it. So I reconcile myself to the fact that my designs aren't always perfect, in fact they often have a somewhat unfinished look. Sometimes I'm the only one who sees the imperfection, sometimes someone else sees it. I've given into the flaws and let them give my work a character all their own. Or so I say.

I guess that's how we operate as human beings too. Seeking perfection but not attaining, gaining character with our flaws. Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the shelter of EACH OTHER

we will LIVE.

I love this song by Jars of Clay. It speaks to my heart in so many ways. My family, my friends, all believers, all people. We live together, in the shelter of EACH OTHER.

Something we all need to remember. A truth this country could stand to listen to.

We DO live in the shelter of each other. A beautiful example of this happened this weekend on The Mall. A huge number of people coexisting peacefully, rallying around the same purpose. We live together, we need to live in unity. No matter our politics, religion, world view, etc..

"If there is any peace, if there is any hope. We must all believe, our lives are not our own. We all belong. God has given us each other. And we will never walk alone." ~Jars of Clay, Shelter

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tis the season...

Or almost anyway.

My recent project is to come up with a good design for Christmas cards. I have a few ideas, and a few sketched out with my Bamboo pad. The idea is to keep them pretty simple. I've never enjoyed the gaudy Christmas stuff, so I'll put my own spin on it.

Yes, I'm already getting excited for Christmas. I know, I know Thanksgiving hasn't even gotten here yet. I think it's because last year I was a little distracted during the holiday season by a little bundle of boy and this year he will actually be able to enjoy it. I'm ready for the warm fuzzy lights to spring up around the neighborhood, the pine smell that fills the house, the carols,  family filling the house. Yup, I'm ready for all of that.