Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'm a fan. A fan of scarves. Recently (and not so recently) I have been crocheting a few...

For this crazy chunky one I took inspiration from my original ruffle scarf from way back when. I switched it up with some lovely thick, cozy yarn. It's snuggly and it dresses up my otherwise drab winter coat. :)

This second scarf I made a couple months ago. I love the green. It's pattern is Queen Annes Lace. Which is lovely design and texture. I chose a cotton for this and the resulting product is super soft to the touch.

And just because I'm in the scarf mood... Here's my stash at the moment minus one that is hiding out with my coat.  The gray one on the end is my first scarf, and the one that inspired the chunky ruffle. The patterned one is from my sister when she went to Germany. And well the silver one is just a silver one I own. No story to that one. :)

Not a scarf.. cute though. Sorry, ignore the hat if you would like. ;-) He just happened to grab it and put it on and did a dance. :) My crazy little helper!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life just keeps going..

It never slows down. A new chapter is headed our way. Constantly I battle worry, constantly I wonder what our future holds. But, constantly I KNOW God has it all in his hands. He will guide us as we find our way through this season and enter the next. Whether we head into more schooling for Joel so that we can get moved around by the State Police. Whether we settle somewhere outside of PA state lines. Whether we find out we'll be parked here for a longer period of time. God knows. God cares. God loves. God is involved. This next year requires another dose of patience, another dose of faith. We're nearing the finish line in time to see that we're about to start again! It's exciting, sometimes refreshing, always challenging.