Saturday, February 19, 2011

A mommy post.

Since I am one, and my life has been molded around a little life form for the past almost 17 months (more if you count the womb, of course).

Right now my bright young charge is intensely focused on a blue blob of Play-Doh. How can I  get it shaped just right to put it back in the container? Can I get away with sneaking a nibble of this most fascinating stuff? Okay, I'm bored. (That was Isaac of course, me? No I'm never bored! snicker snicker)

Off to the laundry room to make a game out of changing clothes from the washer to the dryer. Okay, figured it out. 1. 2. 3. THROW! Yup, that works. All done. Uh oh the boy has run out of options to alleviate boredom. Oh wait.. no, he has found a new game. Step on each and every toy thrown across the room this morning and then walk on his tip toes and squeal. Sounds about right.

Oh lovely mornings of Blues Clues, toast, and running from toy to toy. Some days I'm not awake enough to partake fully in the madness, but those days that I am, oh it's wonderful!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Along with my "Technology Strike" I am working on decluttering our things. Going through EVERYTHING and weeding out all the "stuff" that isn't needed. I have piles and piles of things to head over to Goodwill already and I haven't even started on our boxes downstairs! We are in an interesting place in life. Our "life" is boxed up in the basement for the most part. However, we have learned to live without most everything and have actually forgotten what we have down there. It's time for a good ol' fashioned Spring cleaning. It is so refreshing to get rid of things. A lighter and more manageable feeling.

Okay, lunch break is over. Isaac is napping. Time to head into the basement and get to work!

Fighting technology.

I was just on a small Computer "fast". Not by my own making, mind you. I actually was having some technical difficulties with my laptop. But, you know what.. I wish it hadn't gotten fixed so fast. I found that I actually really enjoyed not having a computer at my beck and call. I got more done, I played more intentionally with Isaac, I didn't feel that technological dependency that we seem bound by this day in age.

I write this to challenge myself.

Now that I have a working computer I am going to use it less and be more intentional when I do use it. Making a time for it but setting it aside for the majority of my day. It's freeing.