Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leap of Faith

Oh to have the faith of a child. Today as I was playing outside with Isaac he helped me to see something so clearly. We were down at the big chair playing one of his favorite games. Basically he takes a running leap off of the big chair into my arms knowing he will be caught. No idea of what would happen if I didn't catch him. He loves it and wants to jump over and over, sometimes he gets too excited and forgets to run to the edge before he starts his free fall. It's so easy for him to have the faith to hurl himself off the chair. These days times are tough for our little family, I am in a constant battle for control of life. While all the while I know that God has us in his hands and I need to take that leap of faith my son so innocently portrays time and again. Our life right now seems to be a leap of faith, but I've fought it every step of the way. I think it's time for me to step back and allow for God to speak to us whatever it is he is trying to tell us during this season. 

It's time for a leap of faith.

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Heather who? said...

I like your new blog Sara. I have been forgetting to read blogs this last two months. Then I remembered them today again somehow. What a surprise to find your new one. God likes it best when we leap in faith. He does have a plan for your family. I'm excited to see it unfolding. Just trust Him each moment for everything....I mean everything, even mundane things. Nothing is too mundane or tedious or large or impossible for Him. You know when you reach down and take Isaac's hand to help him along? Catch him when he falls? See the fall before it is coming? Give him good things that he needs and give things just to see him smile and to take pleasure in him? God does that for you and Joel and Isaac. He loves you so much. Just keep trusting in and dwelling with Him. I've been enjoying Phil 2:12-16 lately. Sorry for the comment as long as a blog itself. love ya! Heather