Friday, February 3, 2012

Recent hook creations, and a few oldies..

I finished this baby up last night. A web-like cowl. Can be worn wrapped around twice or three times. A lovely little accessory.

This hat was made a few months ago.. I just never got around to taking actual pictures of it. It can be seen this winter season keeping my noggin nice and toasty.

A hat made from homespun yarn. A style of hat I'm not really known to wear, however it has grown on me and makes for a very warm head on a snowy day.

This hat is free to a good home. :) White and pink, which aren't really my colors. I had some left over yarn from another project. It's a pretty little number. Fits my head snugly, but would most likely fit a child better. Takers? SOLD .. Miss Jacki won.

Not gonna lie, I'm proud of this beauty. It's a scarf specially designed and made for my dear husband. This is my first Tunisian Crochet project.


Jacki said...

So a slow day at work watching my blog means I can have dibs on the white and pink hat? ;)
I don't wear hats often, but if no one else wants it, I'll make sure to coordinate next year's winter wear to it.
The scarf is amazing. You should be proud!

Sincerely, Sara said...

Cool! I'll bring it to Grandpapa's thing and you can try it out. If it fits, it's yours! ;)

Karie Anne said...

Holy crap! That scarf looks like you bought it from the store! I'm completely impressed and rather jealous of your talent, since I'm lucky if my knitting looks like something only Dobby the House Elf would wear!

Sincerely, Sara said...

Thanks Karie! I'm testing the waters right now to see if my stuff is sell-able... thoughts? Etsy?