Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fighting technology.

I was just on a small Computer "fast". Not by my own making, mind you. I actually was having some technical difficulties with my laptop. But, you know what.. I wish it hadn't gotten fixed so fast. I found that I actually really enjoyed not having a computer at my beck and call. I got more done, I played more intentionally with Isaac, I didn't feel that technological dependency that we seem bound by this day in age.

I write this to challenge myself.

Now that I have a working computer I am going to use it less and be more intentional when I do use it. Making a time for it but setting it aside for the majority of my day. It's freeing.


Patty said...

Just noticed this was here!
We experience the same thing during our 2 weeks at the shore. I wonder why we don't bring that feeling home with us ... :o/

Sincerely, Sara said...

It's like our five weeks in Africa. I didn't even want to look at a computer when we came home. It was so great NOT having it to use for 5 weeks that I had a hard time getting back into using it.

Heather who? said...

Amen. It does take being intentional. We know what life is like without always being plugged in. It is my desire to provide that insight to our children too. They will have an even stronger pull to all things electronic I'm afraid. Keep up the good fight sister!