Saturday, April 9, 2011

I can't hide it anymore..

I have a deep love for Cloth Diapers. Okay, so I haven't ever really tried to hide it.. But the point is. Cloth has changed our diapering lives for the greater good. I feel very earthy, very frugal, and, well my son has a cute (and rather large) butt. It just makes me smile.

When people think about cloth their minds automatically go to plastic pants, pins, and diaper bins full of dirty diapers and nasty water. I know, because that's where my mind went when I first heard that people still use them.Think again though.. it's not like that. Not in the least bit. Modern cloth is cute, easy, pin free, and no, you don't have to use a diaper pail full of water.

Here's what I use.

I've chosen the cheapest method for diapering. Prefolds are older fashioned then other modern options. You CAN use pins on these. I don't. I just fold them and put them in a cover and on my little guys booty. There are different size options on these and MANY different brands. I chose the Indian cotton Prefolds because of their durability, absorbancy, and ease of washing. When I have another kid, I'll probably just use the Gerber Prefolds for the infancy stage until they fit into the larger ones we already have. I bought 32 of these. I probably could have done alright with a few less, but it is nice to have the extra for the diaper bag or if I'm delayed in doing laundry.
Indian Cotton Prefolds

The covers I chose were Thirsties Duo Wraps. They are cute, come in a myriad of color options, and either use a snap closure or hook and loop. I have both and a lot of the colorways. I tend to like the snap closure because they don't wear out in the laundry like hook and loop do after awhile. Also, Isaac can take the hook and loop diapers off, snaps he has yet to figure out. The hook and loop are nice for easier changes (night time) and are easier to get a better fit. I like to have both on hand. The Duo Wraps come in One Size sizing. They adjust to the size of the child by use of snaps and you can by the large or the small one size wraps. I have the large at the moment which I believe can be used from 18-40 lbs (or something like that). So for the next child I will have to invest in more covers.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Hook and Loop Closure
Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap closure

Other things that I have found necessary.
These I use when Isaac has a diaper rash. Most diaper creams are not cloth diaper safe, meaning they will coat the diapers and start to repel moisture. A liner keeps the cream off of the diaper. Fleece also pulls moisture away from the babies bum. There are natural diaper creams out there that are cloth diaper safe, but they are expensive. 
Planet Wise Wetbags. I have three. Two large and one medium. This is what holds all of the dirty diapers. They have a water proof lining inside and cute fabric exteriors. I use the two large ones in his room and the changing area and the medium goes in the diaper bag. I also use these if I'm using disposables when out and about. Why waste more with those little plastic bags when you can just throw the dirty diapers in these cute bags and wash and reuse?
Cloth wipes. Why use disposable wipes when you have already switched to cloth everything else? I made this realization awhile ago when I had to throw out the disposable wipes but didn't have a disposable diaper to wrap them up in. I bought 12 terry cloth wipes. They work well. Especially on the toughest of bums to clean. Right now I'm in the process of making more our of flannel. Easy, cheap, and just makes sense.

 So, there. If anyone was curious that's how we diaper in this household. That's not to say that we don't occasionally use disposables, we do. On vacation, if I'm having a low motivation day, on some day trips. But for the majority of the time we use cloth, and we love it. I'll do another post soon on how I wash cloth diapers. There is a little bit of method to it, but really, it's pretty straight forward and simple. I might even do a post on other methods of cloth diapering. I like to educate people on this subject, because it really isn't as hard or nasty as people seem to think it is. The more you know..

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Patty said...

Having raised 3 kids with disposable diapers back in the day (waaaaaaay back!) I can say that you have sold me on these. Seeing Isaac's cute cloth-diapered butt doesn't hurt, either! :o)

If there had been this option, rather than the NASTY cloth-diapering back then, I probably would have gone with it.

Thanks for the education - even grandmothers need to learn .... ♥