Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So many options!

Okay, so I told you how I diaper. Now I'll give you a run down on the other options in the cloth diapering world. There are quite a few. From All-in-ones to Pockets to Fitteds.. lots of options, lots of brands. I'm not an expert on any of these. I'm a Prefolds mama through and through. This is just to give you a glimpse of what some other mothers swear by.


These are the cloth option closest to disposables in how they are put on. They are what the name says. All in one. They have the absorbing layer, waterproof lining, and cover all built into one diaper. From what I have heard these are the most daddy-friendly diapers they also are usually what are required at day cares if cloth diapers are used. While they are easy to use and really cute and I really used to want to diaper this way.. there are a few big reasons I went with Prefolds instead. Cost. These come in the price range of $15-$25 per diaper. A big investment. Another con for me was the drying time. They can take a LONG time because of everything being built in. But all in all, if you have the money to spend (they still come out MUCH cheaper then diapering with disposables), these would be a great way to go and really they are what Modern Cloth is all about.


Pockets are somewhat like All-in-ones except they have one added step. There is a pocket (duh) that you stuff the liner into before putting on your babies bum. Pockets also sometimes need a cover. Depends on the brand. The thing that people seem to like the most about these is that you can customize the absorbency to the child. This is good for some children who are heavy wetters at night. I have a friend who makes what she calls the SuperDiaper. It's an overnight diaper that has a pocket where you add however much absorbency you need They are pretty awesome, I have one. I know. Check it out.


Fitteds. I've dabbled in making these. They are basically a diaper that uses elastic to fit to your child well. You can find them with hook and loop closures, snaps, OR you can close them with pins or Snappis. I used hook and loop as I was making them. Fitteds NEED a cover. They are just the absorbent part of the diaper and their specialty is keeping everything IN the diaper. Nice for the newborn stage when the blowouts are a joyfully constant occurrence (snicker snicker). There are many brands of these out there but if you want to try making them yourself here's a good tutorial.


I don't have much knowledge on how to fold a flat. These pre-date Prefolds. But a lot of people love these to get the right fit on their child. They are good for those who hand wash and are incredibly easy on the wallet. You need pins or snappis and a cover for this system.

Good places to go for more info:

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Thus concludes my mini-series on diapering. If anything, I hope I opened your eyes to the possibilities!

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