Thursday, May 26, 2011

Isaac's reaction to his quilt is really great. I laid it out on the floor yesterday for him to see and he got excited and said "Wow!" over and over and danced on top of it. He's had similar reactions whenever he has gotten to peek at the fabric. I think he's into the bright colors! So am I! I should be onto the next stage of the quilt (the border) tomorrow. USPS tracking shows that the fabric is "out for delivery" at this very moment. I just have to work my way over to JoAnn's in the near future to purchase the batting! I don't think I'll be posting any more pictures until the quilt is actually DONE. But who knows, maybe I will.

 So today I whipped up a pair of shorts for Isaac out of an old t-shirt while I await the fabric. A little on the wonky side, but they'll work for playing outside. I'm not that good with knit fabric, it always gets a little bunched up and odd looking. Oh well!


Behn and Meg said...

I admire you for all your sewing! I bet the quilt will be great. I can't sew anything

Leah Elizabeth said...

I understand about working with knits- they are a pain! But I'm glad Isaac is enjoying his quilt thus far. I'm sure he'll love it even more when its finished! See you this weekend, sis! :)