Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stand still.

That's where I'm at right now with the quilt. I started hand quilting it a couple weeks ago. Oy! I'm NOT that skilled in the hand stitching department. I know, I know.. it takes practice. BUT.. I don't know if I'm willing to "practice" on this quilt. I just wasn't feeling very good about the quality of my stitches and how they would hold up over time. This IS a kids quilt. Kids are rough on things, Isaac is ROUGH on things. I don't think my hand quilting would withstand his destructive tendencies. So, I sighed, I groaned, I looked at my stitches and said to myself "Self, why don't we figure something else out before you go completely crazy...". So my fingers began typing away and soon discovered that my machine does in fact have an attachment to buy to help in the quilting department. A Walking Foot.  Now, I know Walking feet are not at all new, but I assumed that my cheapo machine wouldn't be able to work with a quilt. I still don't know if it will.. but the part is on it's way. I'll soon find out. And hopefully along with the Walking Foot's arrival my sighs and groans will fade away into oblivion.

My handy little friend that will soon land on my doorstep.

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