Saturday, July 16, 2011

I might be insane..

I just decided to start another quilt. I won't really start it until I finish this current one. And I won't be able to disclose details about it on here other then that I'm working on one in the case that the recipient reads my blog which would in turn spoil the surprise for them. But the clues are as follows.. it'll be  small, it will spin in the wind (figuratively, not literally.. though I'm guessing if you threw it up in the air on a very windy day it might spin.. ok... I'm getting off track here...), and it will have a bit of whimsy to it. This one actually will have a deadline to it.. well Isaac's was given a deadline by yours truely yesterday too (by his birthday). So now I have two deadlines and a few others in my head that may also have deadlines... So, hmm.. I have work to do.

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