Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life with a toddler..

Is BUSY. Constant motion. Constant need of entertainment. It's fun, but so tiring. I look at my blossoming little boy and see boundless energy rushing towards me and often lack the ability to return it. The white world and frigid air aren't helpful with this energy. We're cooped up most of the day except for the occasional jaunt out into the open air. But we make do and enjoy.

Words. They're coming. Those blue eyes are shining with a fuller awareness of the world they live in. Frustrations often set in when he can't voice what he wants or go where he wants. Tantrums are a daily occurrence. Contagious giggles are often heard roaming the halls. Learning. So much learning. New wonders around every corner. A lonely ant making its way across the floor, white stuff falling from the sky, words coming to life on pages of a beloved book.

Life with a toddler.


Jacki said...

Sounds exhausting and fantastic. Isaac is sooooooo lucky to have such a loving and incredible mommy. Lukas is only a few months ahead of Isaac's game, and I love the little glimpses I get into his life. Its awesome!

Patty said...

It's an amazing journey. I loved every stage/age that my kids went through (still do!) What a blessing to see them growing and learning each day. ♥