Sunday, January 2, 2011

So it's 2011 now..

I think that was the first time I've written 2011. That will take some getting used to.

I hadn't gotten around to it yet, so I thought I'd write my 2010 "obituary" now. My thoughts on the year, the struggles the joys and my hopes for the year that was just birthed.


It was a good year even through its difficulties. We saw many joys through our family and we also met with many struggles. My joy this year was looking into the eyes of my ever blossoming little boy. From baby to toddler this year. So many firsts, so many experiences that were once viewed as mundane to me turned intriguing and breathtaking through the eyes of my Isaac. We watched birds fly, we spun in circles, we belly laughed during tickle fights, we threw stones in water. My imagination was revived. We went from no mobility to running in a year. Our days are filled with action and I go to bed exhausted each night.

Our hardships this year were outweighed by our joy and our anticipation of the future. And while much of our struggles are still around us, we know that we are in our God's loving, caring, and guiding hands.We know that this season of waiting that this past year brought us is good thing. We know our struggles right now are temporary, our sights are set on a brighter future. This brings me hope for 2011 and the years to follow. 2010 was a difficult one, but it brought us closer to eachother, to our Savior and to our family.

I hear people say "It is what you make it." And while that is true, I know we have the added blessing of knowing that while we are a part of the equation our sights are set on a higher purpose. The pressure of making it on our own and making this year a good one by ourselves is taken off of us because of the presence of our Lord and our hope and knowledge of an eternal joy.

Thank you 2010. Looking back, the joy and the promise of tomorrow were quite evident. It just takes a little hindsight sometimes. 2011, my eyes are open to the lessons, the joys, and the promises you will bring.

Happy New Year!


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