Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waiting and Dreams

I've been dreaming of my little families future a lot recently. So many thoughts for what I want for us, hope for us, need. But We have been called to a season of waiting. Waiting for the dreams God has for us to surface. Some we are already privy to, others are evading us ever so slightly, then there are those that I'm sure will send us for a loop as we meet thems. But for the moment we wait, we dream. We learn patience, we learn to be humble, we learn to live with a "just around the corner" mentality. Every so often I lose sight of the bigger picture and my hope begins to dwindle. When this happens all I can do is pray and love. As I wait in faith my hope is renewed with subtle finger prints from my Savior. Reaching for me, guiding my path, showing me grace.


Jacki said...

I get frustrated when I have to be patient to find out God's plans, but I commend you for taking the right view and approach. He certainly does have great things in store for you!

Patty said...

Waiting for God ... not often easy, but always the right place to be. So much better than the alternative.